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Our Journey...

In the digital age where start-ups seem to pop up overnight with the backing of investors, boasting their rapid growth and unicorn potential, there's another breed of businesses that hold a quieter, yet powerful, narrative — the independent, bootstrapped businesses like ours, Evrybo.

Our story begins when, quite simply, the tools and platforms we were using didn't quite meet our expectations. Instead of using multiple tools, We wanted something that is simple and affordable.

Seven years ago, we decided to take the leap and start what would soon become Evrybo. Our mandate was clear — to provide a design and collaboration tool that would continuously evolve, resonating with our users’ needs, without being swayed by the traditional growth-at-all-costs approach.

We wanted a business model that prioritized our vision and user satisfaction over external shareholders' influence. This independence allows us to make decisions from the heart of our community, translating feedback into meaningful, user-driven upgrades.

The Independent Business Paradox

Many ask how we compete with the well-funded giants. Our response is straightforward — We don't! Our goal is to create something useful and affordable for freelancers and small teams. Our independence isn't a limitation; it's our strength. It allows us to prioritize people over profit.

As we venture into our next chapter, we remain anchored in the values that have guided us to where we are today. In a time when growth is frequently equated with success, we remain committed to reshaping our story with depth and purpose.

With gratitude,

The Evrybo Team.

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